Simplified Individual Value Calculator XY version

Pokémon name:
Individual values:
HP:0@ Lv.0(0)
Atk:0@ Lv.0(0)
Def:0@ Lv.0(0)
Sp.Atk:0@ Lv.0(0)
Sp.Def:0@ Lv.0(0)
Spd:0@ Lv.0(0)

How to use

'Simplified Individual Value Calculator' is a tool for judging individual values of your Pokémon.

Please input the Pokémon name, nature, level and individual values of judging standard, and push 'Exec' button. Then, this tool calculates your Pokémon's stats required for that the individual values of your Pokémon are equal to or higher than the judging standard, and judging levels. The individual values of your Pokémon are judged by increasing your Pokémon's level to judging level, using 'rare candy', and comparing stats.

If 'Using vitamions' checkbox is checked, judging levels and numbers of vitamions are calculated so that the judging levels become as near as possible with start level. The numbers of vitamions are displayed in () at right of the judging levels.