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How to use

'Individual Value Calculator' is a tool for accurately measuring the individual values of your Pokémon. At first, enter the name and the nature of your Pokémon, and push 'Start/Reset' button. Next, enter the level, the stats and the effort values of your Pokémon, and push Input' button, then the possible ranges of individual value of the Pokémon are calculated. By raising the level by rare candy and entering your Pokémon's stats repeatedly, you can measure the accurate individual values of your Pokémon.

To reduce the number of inputting, Individual Value Calculator computes the level and the effort values which you should enter the next time. By entering the computed level and individual values, you can omit unnecessary stats input, while minimizing the number of uses of rare candy. However, if you can use many rare candies, it is possible to enter your Pokémon's stats of higher level than computed one.

When you know the stats which IV is 31(by bleeding or IV cheker of Gear Station), check 'Fix to 31' checkboxes.